AAPI Zodiac: Wooden Rabbit, Archival Print
AAPI Zodiac: Wooden Rabbit, Archival Print
AAPI Zodiac: Wooden Rabbit, Archival Print

AAPI Zodiac: Wooden Rabbit, Archival Print

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The AAPI (Asian Pacific Islander American) Zodiac explores hybrid identities, inspired by conversations with my Taiwanese mother. In the Chinese Zodiac, there are 12 animals and 5 elements that shape individuals’ identities. I reimagined the Zodiac animals as if they were informed by diaspora and landscapes of Turtle Island / North America.

This is the Wooden Rabbit + Red Mulberry Tree.

The rabbit is the fourth zodiac sign, and also possibly the most common sign in the part of my family that immigrated to the US. From my grandma to me, we have four rabbits, all representing a different element. Wooden rabbit is the only one we're missing. :)

This wooden rabbit references the red mulberry trees I grew up picking fresh berries from, and my dad's final home. Our family was also known to occasionally take in injured, wild rabbits, to rehabilitate and re-release.

The red mulberry tree is the only mulberry tree native to North America. The majority of mulberry species are from Asia. In Asia, the Middle East, and Europe, the tree has often been interlinked with faith. In China, the tree linked heaven and earth. Because mulberry trees wait until well after the final frost to bud, they're often associated with patience and wisdom.

Open Edition, Giclee Print
Giclee Print on Archival Paper for the lifelong collector.

8 x 10 inch print.

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