Equitable best practices for cultural organizations, municipalities, and creative workers

Creativity is crucial, and who has access to it determines the dominant, social narratives of our era. I consult for cultural organizations and creative workers on how to build best practices centered on equity. 

Together, we answer the questions, who does this work serve and how will it affect the surrounding ecosystem?

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  • Building best practices and systems centered on equity
  • Pricing models centered on fair compensation for labor
  • Social practice ethics and community engagement design
  • Leadership coaching / mentorship for new leaders


  • Short-term initiatives with specific goals (1-3 months)
  • Long-term initiatives (3 months – 1 year)
  • Workshops, talks, and presentations (1-2 hours)
  • One-one-one sessions (1-2 hours)


Building best practices, systems, and infrastructure including:

  • Pricing models
  • Fair compensation for labor
  • Language in agreements and organizational documents
  • Ecosystem building – what is this organization’s impact on the community?

Meeting facilitation focused on:

  •  Creating equitable speaking space
  • Productive, effective use of group time
  • Clear action items and follow-up


  • Organizational behavior and work culture
  • Lean methodologies and process improvement
  • Leadership and mentorship
  • Building apprenticeship and mentorship programs
  • Resisting arts-based gentrification


  • Cultural organizations
  • Mission-focused for-profits
  • Small to mid-size nonprofits
  • Public sector
  • Nonprofit and community leaders
  • Independent artists and arts administrators (e.g. curators, community organizers)
  • Also available to provide arts expertise on consulting teams


    "Jenie's role as a consultant and advisor for Milwaukee Artist Resource Network (MARN) has been instrumental in the establishment of our new MARN ART + CULTURE HUB. She has mentored our staff, developed our leadership team, and helped our organization create best practices that prioritize Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in a space for artists, led by artists. We are grateful to have Jenie's experience and wisdom as an arts community leader and an integral part of our team." - Mal Montoya, President and CEO Milwaukee Artist Resource Network (MARN)

    "What I liked about Jenie's webinars is that she covers both the practical and the theoretical aspects of a topic. For example, Jenie speaks about the artist's role in the creative economy and she gives concrete examples of how to price your work so that you can make a living. It was a pleasure working with Jenie and I hope that we can collaborate again in the future." - Maureen Ragalie, Director of gener8tor Art