Jenie Gao Studio art studio gallery Madison Wisconsin Gallery Night
Jenie Gao Studio, LLC specializes in large-scale projects including murals, public art installations, and curatorial events. These works become cultural cornerstones and community landmarks that help define who we are.
Jenie Gao Studio operates a 1,700 square foot industrial space at Common Wealth’s Main Street Industries, as a way of anchoring and claiming space for art as a necessary component of a stable city ecosystem. The health of a community can often be diagnosed by the state of artists and arts presence. Healthy communities have thriving artists, vibrant arts scenes, and cultural pride. Fragmented communities have none, and are often susceptible to gentrification as a result. In the traditional pattern of gentrification, artists make an area cool and vibrant, only for developers to push artists and the most vulnerable out. Artists then move to the outskirts of a city, and the pattern of gentrification and displacement repeats.

Jenie Gao Studio’s expansion is a reversal of expectations. The artists are moving in. The Cap East Arts District is here.

Jenie Gao Studio is invested in the strength and the future of the art industry. Since January 2018, Jenie Gao Studio has hired and mentored 18 interns. The goal of the JGS apprenticeship program is to close the gap of too few paid art opportunities for young people to gain experience in the field. This gap results in a privilege barrier for diversity in the arts; exploitation of artists who lack business knowledge; a high drop-out rate from artistic careers; lack of creative education and therefore creative skills among the general public; and a harder fight for all of us for a more equitable society.

Jenie Gao Studio is always looking for partners, clients, and sponsors who share in the vision of a creative economy that works better for all of us. Get in touch with potential opportunities. We look forward to working with you soon!  



Full-time artist and entrepreneur Jenie Gao started the business five years ago with the goal of creating a sustainable practice that exemplifies high caliber, impactful work and elevates the arts to be a leader among industries. Prior to founding her business, Jenie worked in for-profit and nonprofit sectors, in the arts, education, and lean manufacturing. Today, she uses her interdisciplinary background to advocate for creativity as a way to build connection, resilience, and community citizenry.