AAPI Zodiac: Fire Horse, Archival Print
AAPI Zodiac: Fire Horse, Archival Print
AAPI Zodiac: Fire Horse, Archival Print

AAPI Zodiac: Fire Horse, Archival Print

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This is the Fire Horse with volcanoes that span the western coast of Turtle Island and the Pacific Islands that bridged the Pacific Ocean long before European intervention. My maternal relatives were born in Taiwan, which has been repeatedly colonized by different nations. Control over the Pacific Islands has centered on wartime strategic usefulness, with little sense in their geographical relationship to nations that lord over them. Volcanoes are a reminder that land is alive, not a static thing that anyone can truly possess.


The AAPI (Asian Pacific Islander American) Zodiac explores hybrid identities, inspired by conversations with my Taiwanese mother. In the Chinese Zodiac, there are 12 animals and 5 elements that shape individuals’ identities. I reimagined the Zodiac animals as if they were informed by diaspora and landscapes of Turtle Island / North America.

Open Edition, Giclee Print
Giclee Print on Archival Paper for the lifelong collector.

8 x 10 inch print.

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