APA Zodiac: Earth Dog, Limited Edition Print
APA Zodiac: Earth Dog, Limited Edition Print
APA Zodiac: Earth Dog, Limited Edition Print

APA Zodiac: Earth Dog, Limited Edition Print

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The APA Zodiac is a celebration of hybrid identities. There are 12 animal signs in the Chinese Zodiac and 5 elements that shape who we are. Each astrological animal is mapped with elements of North American landscapes, paying homage to the intricacies of heritage and who we are.

Inspired by stories and conversations with my Taiwanese mother about our family's history, our immigration, struggles with colonization and assimilation, and our future.

The Earth Dog embodies a deep sense of justice. They often carry the kind of moral integrity that becomes the pillars of society. They are principled with an innate sense of decency, but are also ready to be disagreeable and willing to challenge authority.

I've illustrated the Earth Dog with my iconic bulldog from several of my series. It felt especially right to do so in an election year with so much at stake. The Earth "Bulldog" withstands fire, fire that is necessary for the prairie to bloom.

According to the Chinese Zodiac, who you become is determined by the intersection of the animals and elements that represent your birth year, month, and hour.

October is the Month of the Earth Dogs. People born in 1958 and 2018 (after the lunar new year) are Earth Dogs. The Earth Dog are 19:00 to 21:00.

Signed Limited Edition Print of the original artwork.
These are Giclee Print on Archival Paper, which retain their quality for the lifelong collector.

8 x 10 inch print.

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